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About KiKi MoMo.

Where the Magic Began

As a young boy of twelve In the early 1970’s , my love for cigars began. On a trip to Midtown Manhattan, along with my dad, we visited Alvin Sanchez’s Hand Rolled Cigars; a small but impressionable boutique sized shop, where he gave me my first glimpse into the cigar making industry. I spent the day learning about the art & rolling cigars from Cuban exiles. From that day forward, my love for cigars grew.

I was determined to create a cigar experience of my own .

I Succeeded..

Designer Cigars Brought to you by Keith

The Journey

Now, in my adulthood, I’m known in my hometown by the signature cigar proudly displayed in my mouth. During my travels abroad, I set out to learn as much about the growing process of tobacco leaves & the climate in which they thrive. One of my many talents, is to find the finest product for the best price. Armed with this special skill set, I was determined to make the finest cigar appeal to the most discriminate buyer.

Kiki Momo Was Born

I discovered Nicaragua to have one of the most superior environments for growing delectable tobacco; this lead me to purchase a farm there and set put to create my own brand of cigar with a signature wrapper. I enlisted the aid of those who are experienced in the art of cigar making and Kiki Momo Cigars was born. These hand-rolled, majestic and sometimes delicate cigars are perfect for the cigar aficionado. Whether you want a smoke on the go or to sit and savour your stick; you cannot go wrong with one of our fine quality cigars. This collection is the finest in designer cigars and will never disappoint.

"These hand-rolled, majestic and sometimes delicate cigars are perfect for the cigar aficionado."

KiKi MoMo Provides Taste

Kiki  Momo Cigars is a community of occasional smokers, cigar aficionados and everyone in between. – with a belief that the site experience should be as seamless as a puff from one of our cigars.

KiKi Momo Cigars online portfolio ranges from our  delicious designer cigarsexclusive cigar deals5 pack favoritescigar samplers, and more! Shop with us today with total ease and confidence.

Our tasteful selection, affordable prices, guaranteed freshness, fast cigar delivery, top-notch customer service, low shipping rates and super-fast website all make KiKi Momo Cigars the only place to buy cigars online.

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